Linko software manages industrial pretreatment, fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and liquid hauled waste.

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Linko provides flexible software that streamlines operations & ensures compliance, giving your team more time to help customers and build relationships that foster sustainable, long-term success for your program.

FOG Management Industrial Pretreatment

Transform your wastewater compliance program


Streamline operations to improve efficiency

Wastewater professionals are hired for their domain expertise and dedication to their communities, but often find themselves hindered by data management issues and poorly-optimized workflows. Linko alleviates those burdens with field data collection tools and automation of time-consuming tasks including scheduling, data entry, and violation notifications.

Maintain compliance with confidence

Whether reporting to the EPA, State or Local government, or enforcing local limits or sewer ordinances with industrial users & food service establishments, Linko's purpose-built compliance capabilities keep you in control & protected against increasing regulatory pressure. With less risk, you can devote more energy to improving other facets of your program.


Ensure resilience of your program

Your compliance program is only as strong as the data that powers it. If that crucial asset is mishandled, it shifts rapidly from strength to weakness and forces your team into a reactive state. That’s why Linko securely centralizes your most critical information; providing defensibility and empowering better, faster decision-making.


Sanitation District No. 1 Returns to Purpose-Built Software for Continued Compliance Excellence

“Pretreatment programs involve a lot of data, compliance is complex, and regulations do change. Linko keeps up with all of that.”
Sarah Griffith
Laboratory & Industrial Pretreatment Manager
Sanitation District No. 1

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"We have a better idea of all the businesses that are here, better organization in terms of how everything is maintained, and know who and when to inspect and follow ups."
Laurie Rodriguez
Pretreatment Coordinator
City of Pearland

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Streamlining Pearland’s FOG Program with Historical Information at Their Fingertips

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