Linko software manages industrial pretreatment, fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and liquid hauled waste.

A data-driven approach
to FOG management

Transform your data from burden and risk to actionable insights that continually improve the daily operations of your inspection and compliance experts. Better data, faster decisions, stronger relationships.

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Discover a better way to manage fats, oils, and grease in your city

Achieve compliance through collaboration

The best way to handle FOG is to reduce or prevent it from entering your sewer system. By pairing automated compliance enforcement & reporting capabilities with flexible educational tools, Linko helps you foster a cooperative ecosystem & strong relationships with food service establishments (FSEs).

Maintain compliance with Linko
Maintain compliance with Linko
Reduced overhead with Linko
Reduced overhead with Linko

Reduce maintenance and overhead costs

Poorly-managed fats, oils, and grease can inflict costly damage to your city’s infrastructure and easily overburden your team as they assess and remediate the unexpected event. With Linko’s enhanced inspection capabilities, automated maintenance scheduling, and support for electronic pumpout manifests from facilities & haulers, you benefit from cleaner pipes and less harm—regardless of your inspection volume.

Realize the potential of your data

If your facility and inspection information is stuck in a spreadsheet, its value is limited. Linko keeps your program data secure and accessible—not only providing internal teams with better insights, but external parties benefit as well. Robust APIs enable integration with GIS, CIS, and billing systems to equip operations and maintenance departments with critical FOG data in real-time.

FOG data management with Linko
FOG data management with Linko
"With Linko, we are able to focus on the FSEs who have missed a cleaning event rather than waiting on getting data entered, or having to track down reports that may have gone missing via fax or other means."
Cheryl TillyGrease Compliance OfficerCity of Winston-Salem

6 ways Linko will improve your FOG management program

Flexible and Scalable

No two FOG programs are exactly alike, and their challenges evolve as they grow. Regardless of program type or maturity, Linko will support and enhance your existing workflows while scaling as the responsibilities and purview of your program expand. Cities of all sizes across North America rely on us.

Automated Data Management

The cost of bad data and inefficient workflows is bigger than you might think. By reducing manual data entry, automatically determining food service establishment compliance status, and providing integrations with other systems and business partners, Linko ensures your teams are always equipped with accurate insights.

Optimized Inspections

By showing you who to inspect and when, Linko helps your team strategically prioritize and analyze your growing list of FSEs. And when the time comes, inspectors are equipped with rich site data and automatically-generated inspection forms tailored to your exact needs.

Educational Outreach

Proactive engagement with regulated industry partners is the cornerstone of every successful FOG program. Linko supplies a robust toolkit to create and distribute tailored educational content to proactively keep your stakeholders informed, and your system protected.

Complete Visibility

Linko provides a centralized view of all compliance data, inspection results, FSE details, and more. No more inspection blindspots or compliance risks lurking out of site—replaced by a secure repository of rich insights to improve your FOG program.

Remote Capabilities

To maintain your program’s efficiency, inspectors can use Linko to capture and enter data directly at the source. Electronic reporting by FSE and waste haulers at the time of grease removal or device maintenance ensures the data is accurate, and free of transcription errors.

Pearland, TX
Pearland, TX

Streamlining Pearland’s FOG Program with Historical Information at Their Fingertips

"We have found less errors, and we're more efficient in the management of our facilities & confident that we are not missing anyone."
Laurie RodriguezPretreatment CoordinatorCity of Pearland

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