Linko software manages industrial pretreatment, fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and liquid hauled waste.

A comprehensive solution
for industrial pretreatment

Transform your data from burden and risk to actionable insights that continually improve the daily operations of your inspection and compliance experts. Better data, faster decisions, stronger relationships.

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Discover a better way to manage industrial pretreatment in your community

Reimagine your workflows

From scheduling and tracking sample data to detecting violations and scheduling enforcement notices, Linko streamlines every aspect of your pretreatment program. Your team can evaluate 40 CFR 403 compliance requirements with a few clicks, and configurable views make annual reporting fast and easy.

Improve your program's efficiency with Linko
Improve your program's efficiency with Linko
Strengthen collaboration with your permitted industries with Linko
Strengthen collaboration with your permitted industries with Linko

Strengthen regional relationships

Collaboration between regulatory authority and its permitted industries is paramount to the sustained success of every pretreatment program. By improving data integrity and operational efficiency, Linko helps build trust among stakeholders & provides the foundation required to remain focused on solving future challenges.

Compliance as a core competency

The pretreatment regulatory landscape is complex, with constant pressure to adhere to federal regulations while carefully tracking, analyzing, and enforcing compliance among your regulated industries. We know because for 25 years, Linko has been navigating the industry alongside our customers to ensure they maintain compliance; it’s part of our DNA.

Linko lets you maintain your program's compliance with confidence.
Linko lets you maintain your program's compliance with confidence.
"Unlike a CMMS, where pretreatment is an afterthought, Linko was purpose-built to manage these types of compliance programs."
Sarah GriffithLaboratory & Industrial Pretreatment ManagerSanitation District No. 1

6 ways Linko will improve your industrial pretreatment program

Powerful Reporting

With more than 100 standard reports easily tailored to your needs, surfacing results and insights has never been easier—whether internal or in support of regulatory requirements.

Ready for CROMERR 

CROMERR-approved IPP programs are improving relations with industries and gaining efficiencies by eliminating data entry in favor of electronically signed, submitted and legally defensible reports.

Experience and Expertise

Linko is a robust and complete industrial pretreatment software solution well-known by EPA and state regulators and a well respected leader across the IPP industry trusted by more IPP programs than any other software vendor.

Flexible and Scalable

No two IPP programs are exactly alike, and their challenges evolve as they grow. Regardless of program type or maturity, Linko will support and enhance your existing workflows while scaling as the responsibilities and purview of your program expand. Pretreatment programs of all sizes across North America rely on us.

Simple & Accurate SNC

When it comes to pretreatment, accuracy is just as important as efficiency. Linko has a long history of providing accurate significant noncompliance (SNC) calculations, available with the click of a button.

Advanced Scheduling

Put critical parts of your program on autopilot with automated scheduling of inspections, samples, and self monitoring requirements (SMRs). And keep your regulatees honest with configurable reminders and late notices.

sD1 Kentucky
sD1 Kentucky

Sanitation District No. 1 Returns to Purpose-Built Software for Continued Compliance Excellence

"All of our reporting comes through Linko. I don’t know how we could do our reporting activities without it..."
Sarah GriffithLaboratory & Industrial Pretreatment ManagerSanitation District No. 1

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