Data-Driven FOG Management
on Any Device.

Our new cloud native platform is purpose-built for fats, oils, and grease management; designed to simplify administration, reduce manual tasks, and speed up program delivery to meet the needs of a growing and evolving FOG compliance program.

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Linko supports FOG management anywhere, on any device.
Linko supports FOG management anywhere, on any device.

Streamline and automate cumbersome tasks with a simple, modern, browser-based solution.

Simplify compliance management with a complete timeline of communications, maintenance, and inspection history.

Track inspection schedules, define frequencies, and use powerful custom forms for facility-specific needs to prioritize and perform inspections.

Easily maintain the inventory and history of facilities, contacts, equipment, and activities in an organized and searchable interface.

With features that will transform your wastewater compliance program

Facility & Inspection Management

Save time with streamlined inspections and facility management.

Centralize all facility information and custom attributes to easily track and manage inspections, pumpouts, violations, enforcements, communications, and more.

Speed up field work with field access to all facility information and pre-built, intelligent custom inspection forms for less data entry and more efficient site visits.

Prioritize inspections with custom frequencies per facility and automated scheduling for more productive inspection management.

Improve efficiency with Linko
Improve efficiency with Linko
Maintain compliance with Linko
Maintain compliance with Linko

Compliance & Enforcement Management

Maintain defensibility with a complete compliance history.

Quickly see the facility lifecycle—from pump-out to compliance—to understand compliance history at-a-glance, in-depth, or as an exported report.

Track violations, enforcements, corrective actions, and their due dates to easily track a facilities return to compliance.

Leverage more than just pump-outs to automatically determine non-compliance by using inspection results or other data—or override manually for unparalleled control.

Cities of all sizes across North America rely on Linko for FOG management

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